What is a website backlinks

Backlinks  is type of hyperlink on a web page, by this link we connects one page to another page of the same website or another website.

If one page of the website has more backlinks with the same path or url then it tended to higher on search results and  indication of popularity of that website.

Backlinks has more impacts on search engine results, So this is a very useful factor to improving website’s SEO ranking.

Importance of backlinks:

Search engines gives to more credit to that website, on search result pages, who has more quality backlinks and consider that  websites more relevant in a search query.

A search engine recognizes the content of the websites to determine the QUALITY of a backlink. When links to your website come from other websites, and those websites have content related to your website, these links are considered more relevant to your website. If links are found on websites with unrelated content, they are considered less relevant. The higher the relevance of links, the greater their quality.

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