If you are going to midtown to grab a delicious margaritas it is best you know the right places to get one and if you are looking for that spectacular spot that fuses contemporary Mexican hospitality with a modern take on your tasty margaritas you should do yourself a favor by heading over to the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant in midtown, this modish Mexican bar is certainly one of the best rooftop bars midtown offering delicious margaritas and other tasty craft cocktails in a convenient and inspiring setting.

You can enjoy the rustic vibe of the outdoor patio or you have a fun-filled time in the interior rooftop bar enjoying your favorite craft cocktails and some of the tastiest signature cocktails you don’t want to miss out on, the booze menu fuses NYC cocktail’s culture with Mexican contemporary cocktail selection offering you the perfect drink, you can go with the tasty Fake news, Bad policy and if you are looking for the regulars you can check out their wine and beer menu and choose any assorted wine of your choice. Vida Verde places a huge focus on mescal and tequila guaranteeing you an authentic craft beer and the tastiest selection of signature cocktails.

Apart from the tasty craft cocktails that are served at the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant this  outdoor bar in midtown also have delicious dishes awaiting you. At the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant their cookeries is handled by one of the most experienced Mexican chef’s you can ever find and their delicious dishes pays homage to the Mexican cultural heritage, if you are interested in their authentic dishes you can always go for the guacamoles, tacos, tortilla and other delicious delicacies and if you prefer a modern approach to the dishes you can always go with some delicious cuisines like the ceviche, the sliders and other well-prepared delicacies.

In case you are concerned about the setting of the bar you can be rest-assured of having a good time in the setting of the Vida Verde bar, the watering hole has fine interior designs and the Mexican artworks on the wall makes this watering hole a fascinating destination for both tourists and locals, the restaurant also has the best outdoor patio midtown nyc which makes this restaurant one of the best rooftop bars in midtown to host any form of private events, parties and other occasions.

The Vida Verde Mexican restaurant is situated in midtown west and you will discover this outdoor patio in midtown at hell’s kitchen, this Mexican rooftop bar in midtown NYC opens everyday of the week, so, be ready to come over for your favourite Mexican dish or you can make reservations and come over after the day’s work.

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