The Ultimate Checklist for Outdoor Camping

Here is an ultimate checklist, ideal for a nature lover and outdoor adventure enthusiast alike.

Outdoor Tent or a sleeping bag – Since you won’t find hotels and resorts amidst the wild green jungle, a tent is a must. There are variety of tents one can choose from depending on the requirement and occupancy.

Flashlight and Extra Batteries – From night time leisure walks just to explore the area around or in case of an emergency trip to bathroom, don’t go without flashlight.

Head Lamp– If flashlight is not for you, then opt for a head lamp instead. It will widen your vision parameter and provide you better and clearer view of the path you are walking on.

First-aid Kit – Be sure to take one on your excursion because burns, scratches and bumps are bound to happen on a camping trip.

Pack of matches – Without matches chance are you will have cold food and no camp fire, so pack bundle of matches to last you long.

Rope – Whether you wish to tie your wet clothes or you need to tow your companion from a tight situation you will need a rope. So don’t forget to pack it.

Bug Spray – Be ready for bug bites and plan a combat beforehand with a bug spray.

Clothing –Hygiene should not be compromised irrespective of your place of stay. Pack extra pair of clothes for outdoor camping.

Pocket knife – A knife, saw and corkscrew along with variety of others camping essentials are easy to pack and must be packed.

Cooler with Ice – To keep your foods and drink cold and to increase the longevity a cooler with ice is a must. Different types of coolers are available from the stainless steel ones to the wheeler ones.

Cookware – Don’t forget to pack nesting utensils for your Outdoor recreation activities. Fork, spoon and knife might be lost with the other stuff to save you from the trouble some easy to handle pouches are available in the market.

Rain Gear – You don’t know what to expect when camping so be prepared for the worse and pack rain gears. This is also necessary since you don’t want to ruin your expensive travel gears.

This comprehensive outdoor checklist is sure to save you from the trouble of creating one, from a tent to cookware you will find all your packing essential here, all that is required on your part is to enjoy your trip.