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I heartily recite the poetry writers of the whole world. In this whole world a poetic writer has been born, these people have provided a very good gift for us.

If you have to do something, then you can tell it through poetry very easily and in a few words. For example, today’s youth appear to be using somebody’s poem to express their love. Goes.

And then using poetry to express your anger also. After reading poetry, our heart gets a strange peace. Expressing it in words is very difficult.

We have a country in countries around the world where the lovers of the poem are one of the more than one.

Today, you are going to tell about the same WEBSITE with everyone. On this WEBSITE you will find all kinds of poems. In this WEBSITE, you can enjoy poetry in both Hindi and English languages. This WEBSITE The name of this web site is known only by the name of the WEBSITE. The name of this WEBSITE has been named  Shayari Mehfil. There is a very beautiful article on the poetry of all the poem writers of the world here. Here the poems of every poetry writers Very easy Sector is to be found Gikyh WEBSITE to make their home in the heart of our country’s Wasio WEBSITE is a very beautiful collection of poems in itself.

This WEBSITE has made a very good place in a very busy time. I hope all of you will enjoy these WEBSITE very much. And you keep all the love of this WEBSITE and will continue to give it to you as well.

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