Misconceptions people have about criminal lawyers


There are many people out there who think that every criminal lawyer is the same and will offer the same services. This is simply not the case. The Portland criminal lawyer that area residents are looking for is one that not only has a proven track record, but that also has certain traits and qualities that a jury would be sympathetic to. Far too often, prospective clients are drawn in to misconceptions concerning one Portland criminal lawyer or another and, in the end, they end up not getting what they had hoped for out of their lawyer.



First, it is important that a lawyer has a sense of integrity. This integrity does not necessarily have to extend out to the law, but it should cover their client. If a lawyer is upfront and honest with their client, then they can help the client to understand reasonable outcomes that may happen with a trial. This can be very important to the client when months or even years of incarceration could hang on a judgment. A lawyer that is realistic and honest with their client will be better respected by their client regardless of the outcome than one that is simply trying to make their client feel better and who are purely seeking a paycheck,


Your best interests at hand

Not all lawyers have their clients’ best interest at hand. In a perfect world this would be true, but we do not live in one. Far too often, a client will retain a lawyer that they think will be working for them when they are actually working for themselves or their own greed. It is important to interview a lawyer to make sure that their worldview and ideology aligns with their client’s as well to make sure that they are a good fit. If a client senses any “red flags”, then it is important for that client to rethink their decision of retaining that lawyer.


No guarantees

Any lawyer who offers any guarantees to their clients should be scrutinized. There are rarely any guarantees when it comes to the legal system and most people who need a criminal lawyer know this. The courtroom, just like Wall Street or Las Vegas, is a gamble.



The Portland criminal lawyer that residents are looking for should hold true to the aforementioned concepts. If they do not, then the client may want to rethink their position with that lawyer and consider shopping around until they find someone more suitable.

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