Market Study Of Freelance Business:Empower Your Business With Freelancer Clone

Around the world, there are millions of freelancers, and more and more people are choosing to strike out on their own than ever before. This is not surprising because we live in a digital age. And also as no surprise, Number of businesses are choosing to outsource tasks to these freelancers. So many advantages outsourcing and delegating tasks they take up your important and valuable time it is all possible with the internet,  It tends to be somewhat scary before all else, and most business owners are searching for tips and traps and added motivation with regards to giving over bits of their business to qualified online workers.


Nowadays you can easily find freelance work using online tools like Freelance, Upwork, Fiverr, peopleperhour and many more. The best thing about these you can manage your time and money, and boost your productivity and client list in even more affordable in effective ways.

Currently, 36% of American workers (57.3 million people) and almost 50% of millennial workers are doing some type of freelance work according to recent research of freelance union and Upwork found that. Their current research suggests that by 2027, increasing more than 50% of the US workforce will be freelancers and contract workers.

The most well-known reasons individuals freelance is “to earn extra money” and for the schedule “adaptability”, as per the Freelancing in America study. Different advantages of freelancing work can do anyplace, (counting from home and while traveling), and being able to pick work based on personal interests.

Benefits of Freelancer Clone to users.

  1. A large variety of job
  2. Earn more money in a free time
  3. Easy Comfort with working at home
  4. working conditions as per your timetable
  5. Choose jobs and clients
  6. Unlimited users
  7. Different categories and sub-categories to work

These are the opportunity for Who thinking to build own freelance marketplace software and already established businesses to increase their presence and connect with more freelancers. Successful freelance organizations like Upwork, Freelancer and so forth are as of now in the amusement and has figured out how to build up a business opportunity for themselves. Be that as it may, the future of employment work is freelancing, it has just demonstrated the attributes of a positive future blast.

NCrypted Technologies just turning your work into money by Freelancer Clone. Freelance clone script has mainly three areas: say job seekers, employer, and admin. Admin will manage the whole site; will review every corner of the site. Employers, who post the job, say projects they want to get it done, along with budget and time duration. Job seekers will be the one who is finding jobs, according to their capabilities. They would be satisfying employers with their works.

BTW, check out Nlance which is an Elance clone (freelance script), Upwork Clone , Guru Clone, Fiverr clone, or many more, In case you are planning to start your own freelance marketplace that can address these issues that we are pointing out! (Aha, not a bad idea for a wannabe startup!)

Water made from air wins couple $1.5M XPrize

wow!😯 A machine that can make water from the thin air sounds like a dream but two California couples made this reality by designing a machine that can make lots of water🌊 from it & won a handsome amount of money💵. lets read more about it.

Machines outlined by a California-based group. Can make, up to 300 gallons of fresh drinking water multi-day by pulling it straight from the air. Moreover, the group essentially won a $1.5 million prize for it.

Skywater 🚰

The machines, named Skywater, were made by the Sky source/Skywater Alliance, a group of intelligent masters from Venice, California. Skywater machines, housed in large metal boxes, are climatic water generators. They merge water vapour from the air and change it into drinking water. Therefore making the water available for everyone. The machines can be energized by sun situated adjacent or the nearer of biofuels. Dependent upon the model, they can be used for families, for developing or for emergency help ventures.

The prize, called the Water Abundance XPRIZE, was confirmed Saturday by XPRIZE.  California bighearted argument with now and again multimillion dollars in prize money went for making answers for the world’s issues. The Water Abundance XPRIZE was a two-year competition that hoped to find answers to the overall water crisis.

David Hertz, one of the pioneers of the Sky source/Skywater Alliance. He says  Skywater machines could help people get water where water is rarer to find.

“I’ve as of late been, very excited about the water … however, what’s more, the value of new water to humankind. ” Hertz, a designer who invests huge energy in creating supportable structures, says in a video on the gathering’s site. “Furthermore, in being in California, the issues are rapidly advancing toward crisis degrees.”

Hertz says all is required water vapour particles all around from which we can make gallons of water every day. Hertz expects there’s around “37.5 million billion gallons of water” noticeable all around at some irregular time.  Sky source says is more fresh water than all river channels in the world.

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He called their water-production machine an “extremely cool” converging of rather basic gains. In natural calamities, the water must be utilised to help locals suffering from the need of water.

Hertz and his better half are simply beginning to think over how to achieve that.

Sold home to continue in this contest.

Theirs was among 98 groups from 27 nations who entered. Many groups were greater and better supported while the couple sold their Malibu home to remain in the amusement. At a certain point, they were told they hadn’t made the last round of five. However, then one group that dropped out and they were back in.

Hertz, left, Doss-Hertz, right, and venture originator Willem Swart posture for a photograph with a picture of the $1.5-million prize. (Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press)

On the off chance that you say we were the old horse in the race. We meant not to be even in the race, Hertz examined with a smile.

He remained close to the office and therefore his wife left for the photo shoot. After that  Guest inspected a glass of their newly made water. And we were back in the competition.

In conclusion.”There are no restrictions at all on how it’s utilized,” Hertz said of the prize cash. “In any case, Laura and I have focused on utilizing it for the advance and making of these machines. To motivate them to people who require the water most.”

SMO Services India from Top SEO Agency

Social Media Optimization or SMO services India are not just limited to create Facebook Page or Twitter page, but have expanded to a great level. Now, social media experts work dedicatedly and even more than just regular posts on Facebook Page, Tweeting, LinkedIn post or photos to Instagram. Their responsibilities have increased as organizing social media parties on Facebook, Live events on different social media platforms are common. Reaching the top SEO agency India is important. If you are looking for one such agency for better outcome, you have come at the right place.

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Brand exposure and increasing traffic with lead generations through organic search is the main motive of experts working here. They focus on off-page optimization and equally on on-page optimization or work on SEO techniques that are according to the latest Google’s updates.

From your impressive presence in local search to remarkable traffic through global search, they are working dedicatedly to make your website popular for targeted keywords.

Whether you are looking for SEO services, content writing services, website design and development or looking for SMO services India, ACSIUS fulfills your requirement by providing quick solutions. You have to contact as per your requirement and leave rest of the work on experts working here.

So, what you are looking for, leave a mail or dial the given number for SMO Services India with better and assured top results.

AOL Customer Support Number Fix Error AOL Troubleshooting Correction

Fix Error Blank Screen Mail AOL Troubleshooting Correction By AOL Customer Support 

Customer AOL Fix Error Blank Screen Mail AOL Troubleshooting Correction Fix All Error Blank Screen AOL Number Error Code AOL Mail 521 How to Fix AOL 17099. How to Fix Code Reset Error Password Support

AOL Technical Support consists of a team of certified and trained professionals who are available to help with 24 * 7 your needs and desires. You can immediately save all our AOL numbers + 1-800-608-2315 to solve all types of customer problems. After a certain period of use, each AOL product lost its ability to do various business operations. In such cases, there may be a possibility that the software requires software updates or new software. This can be done in the orientation of all special and trained personnel. Here, the number of help from AOL + 1-800-608-2315 plays an important role that can be connected with us on social networking sites like Google+, Facebook, Blogger and Pinterest. To get updates on the latest products and services offered by AOL

AOL 24 * 7’s technical support is to provide the best service for AOL users. AOL users can share their problems with us. An error arises from sending all problems from one user to another AOL user. These issues may cause customer errors, installation or software update issues, server errors, or any other client or non-client errors.

Our expert provides a comprehensive service, step-by-step and easy to understand based on customer processes. AOL customer works closely with a reliable, scalable and flexible solution.

AOL email service provider has received a big response since its launch on the web. Web-based email service provides unlimited storage capacity, transfer of attachments up to 25 MB, protection against spam and viruses. It is widely used in various areas of the United States and Canada. The web application is constantly growing and users want to solve customer problems. Our excellent customer service from AOL will help you solve customer errors. We have certified AOL customer service engineers who solve the underlying problems and entertain customers effectively. Users who face customer errors, they can call us on our AOL customer service number + 1-800-608-2315

Instant AOL Customer Service

Nowadays, people are very busy in their work and they may have difficulty solving their problems online. Occasionally, many organizations have long-term consumer services. However, our organization does not disappoint users and eliminates the errors in the call. Our customer department fails to meet customer needs and aims to provide fast solutions with high accuracy.

Get rid of all customer problems

Our certified AOL customer support engineers can find solutions to all questions of customer’s nature. We strive to provide authentic information to our customers and we also mention contact information as well as other potential customer support solutions. If you want information about AOL to be effective, you should contact our customer service.

Problems can arise such as account login error, unusual account settings, delay in sending and receiving emails, constant spam, threat of virus and many other customer issues. After contacting our available specialists to assist you with relevant information, all these problems can be terminated.

How to contact AOL customer service

Common problems like logging in AOL email accounts, difficulty in transferring and receiving emails, installation of weird accounts and many other problems can be solved by calling our AOL support number. Here are two ways to contact us that have been provided:

Through telephone conversation.

Via live chat

Frequently Asked question:

Below are some common questions from our customers.

I cannot access my account

How do I start the session?

I cannot get an email in my AOL account

Is there something wrong with the configuration?

Every time I try to send an email to a specific person, it is not distributed.

How do I solve this PR?



Aspire Pro Gnenesis Child Theme

it is a third party made child theme supported by genesis framework & developed by Appfinite. a great design & light weight theme, supported by many cache plugins like wp rocket etc.

it is a very very bold & eye-catching WordPress theme it has a very professional look and can be used for many niches, it is a great alternative for paid theme development because it can be modified and it is based on Genesis framework which recommended as the best SEO optimized Theme framework, by many online experts, Aim high & use Aspire Pro to achieve your goals, because it has a high impact design that puts your best offerings in the spotlights.

Features & functionality of Aspire Pro : 

Mobile responsive.
Theme customizer.
3 layout options.
Custom header.
Translation ready.
Layout options.
Featured images.
HTML5 markup.
theme options.

Explore The Strength Of Online Marketing For Your Digital Presence

Explore The Strength Of Online Marketing For Your Digital Presence

All set with a new website? Market your website with best SMO Company in India and harness the full potential of a website.

  • Social media marketing – social media marketing has attracted a lot of people in the current generation because it helps them to increase the reputation without compromising the quality on a regular basis. It is widely recommended for people to know and understand different kinds of methods available in social media because it helps them to pick the right method to promote their product in an effective way.
  • Search Engine marketing – It is a known fact that every individual prefers to use search engines in order to find products and solutions in an effective way. It is highly recommended for people to invest in both free and paid marketing in search engines because it allows them to gain good ranking and increase traffic in a quick span of time. Search engine marketing has been highly used in order to gain reputation, which plays a vital role for people to utilize the source without compromising on the budget from time to time

Most of the people would prefer to use online marketing strategy to promote their websites because it allows them to run a cost-effective campaign and gain good returns on investment over a period of time. Request a quote online from ACSIUS Technology and put your digital business on a higher paradigam.

Google Duo for PC Download latest version-2018

Google Duo for PC is the new trendy video chatting application which was released by Google and getting famous around the people in recent days. Communication is the fundamental structure for building any relationship. Using video calling application is the better way to interact with others online. The famous video calling apps like Google Duo for PC has connected millions of people around the world. There are lots of applications developed for communication purposes. Only a few applications come with the originality of the video calling apps. Through Duo for PC, we can do face to face chat which makes the real experience.

google duo for pc
google duo for pc

There are lots of video calling and chatting applications are available in the Appstore today. But Google Duo for PC gives quite tough competition to all the latest applications like IMO, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Hike, Whatsapp, Viber, Hangouts, Line, FaceTime etc. This application is available for the platforms like Google Duo for PC, Google Duo for MAC PC, Google Duo for Windows phone, Google Duo for Blackberry, Google Duo for IOS, Google Duo for Chrome, Google Duo for Android Apk. Not all the apps available for one platform is available for all other platforms. Duo video caller app lets you connect with your friends and family members with an internet connection. So, read this article up to the end to get the details about Google Duo for PC and how to download Duo for PC.

Google Duo for PC Video calling app:

The Google Duo for PC is one of the best standalone video calling application. The duo was announced by Google I/O on May 18, 2016, and was released worldwide on August 16, 2016. It is probably the fastest and simplest video calling app I have ever seen. This application uses your mobile number as an identifier and it will work on both IOS and Android platform. The official version of the Google Duo PC is not released yet. So, those who are looking forward to using Google Duo Apk on their PC or laptop can follow this article.

google duo for pc
google duo for pc

Google Duo for PC is a simple one-to-one video calling application that lets you stay in touch with your friends and family members. With a single touch, you can make video calls from Duo at 720p HD video quality. No other video calling application has increased such a name and acclaim inside a shorter traverse of time, not at all like Duo. Indeed, even with the slower web speed, Duo video call associates rapidly and works incredibly. And it works smoothly and adjusts the call quality according to the network conditions.

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Features of Google Duo for PC:

Before installing the Google Duo for PC, you must know the features of Duo application.

google duo for pc
google duo for pc

Google Duo for PC is the outstanding video chatting application that connects you with your friends and family members.
You can able to make one-to-one video calls with high quality and enjoy the unlimited video chat.
Through Knock knock feature, you can able to see the live preview of the caller before the recipient picks up.The Google account is not necessary. You can just provide your mobile number to access the Google Duo.
Duo calls are optimized for the low-bandwidth network.
The video calls are connected quickly even with the slower internet connection.
With a single touch, you can make a video call with an any of your contacts on Duo.

How to Download Google Duo for PC using Bluestack application:

Follow the below steps carefully to download the Google Duo application on your PC using Bluestack application.

Otherwise click here to open the official website of Bluestack app player.
Now, click the download button and download the Bluestack app player on your PC and install it.
After the successful installation, open the Bluestack on your PC.
Now, provide your Google account to use the Google play store from the Bluestack android emulator.After that, you can able to see the google play store in the Bluestack app player.
Now, type and search the Google duo application on the play store.
Open the Duo app and click on the install button present in the top right corner.
Wait until the completion of the downloading process. Now, go to Bluestack and find the google duo.
Now, click on the Google duo app on your PC and start making video calling for free.

How to solve Roku overheating issues?

Many of the Roku streaming players tend to heat up if they are being used under a closed cabinet or along with other electronic gadgets near it. Here we have few Roku help steps to overcome this kind of situation.

Roku streaming player should never be kept close to any other electronic equipment as it might lead to blocking of signals as well as increase the temperature of your Roku. Increase in the temperature of Roku streaming device could lead to display of warning message that might say “Your Device is overheated.” Due to this the streaming of content will also be interrupted as the Red light in front of your Roku streaming box will start glowing. This warning message can be seen on the top right corner of your screen along with an exclamatory mark within a red outlined circle.

Solid Red Light glowing on Roku:

The solid Red light is an indication that your device has been overheated. So if in case you don’t receive any warning message on your TV screen but you can see the Red light glowing on your Roku box, then you should go through certain preventive methods to avoid further heating and facilitate the cooling of device.  Before going through the heat prevention methods make sure the light is glowing solid Red in spite of Blinking Red light. It is because the Red blinking light on Roku indicates that the Roku is receiving sufficient power supply and in this case you will have to connect your Roku to an efficient power outlet that could provide sufficient power supply.

Roku support steps for fixing Roku overheating issues:

  • Disconnect the power source from your Roku by carefully detaching the main power cord from your Roku streaming device. After unplugging from power source leave the device for self cooling.
  • Search for a cool location where you can place you Roku for cooling down.
  • Before placing your Roku make sure that none of the following three conditions exists:
  • Never keep you Roku inside a closed box or cabinet.
  • Avoid placing the Roku over any other electronic equipment like modem, television set top boxes.
  • Ensure that in no case the direct sunlight reaches the Roku streaming box.
  • Leave the Roku unplugged at a cooler location for at least 10-15 minutes till the temperature goes down to normal.
  • Once you find the Roku has been cooled down, you can plug it back with the power source and turn on the Power point.
  • Wait for the Roku to power on and once it’s on check whether the issue persists or not.
  • If in case you still find the same warning message on the screen and the Red Light on the Roku still glows on, then it means your Roku might not have cooled down properly from inside. So in this case you should repeat the whole cooling procedure and wait till the Roku cools down completely from inside out. Also, make sure you start using the device only after it has been cooled as is in correct working condition.
  • In case you are using a Roku Streaming stick and you face this overheating problem then in that case this problem can be simply eliminated by using an HDMI cord as an extender. If will increase the distance between your TV and Roku streaming stick and will thus protect it from getting heat up.

So these were all preventive steps that one should follow to stop further heating of Roku. Hope it proved to be helpful in resolving the Roku overheating problem. Still in case the issue persists you should get in touch with Roku’s nearest service centers to get it checked. Also, if your require any more help related to Roku then visit www Roku Com Support and get advanced troubleshooting steps for all Roku related issues.

Explore The Potential Of Apps With Professional App Development Team

Explore The Potential Of Apps With Professional App Development Team

Business organizations and entrepreneurs spend millions on app development. It is equally important to spend on app’s optimization as well. Expand the exposure of the app with the right app optimization methods designed by the experts and get maximum downloads. Unlike website’s optimization here the concern is not only to get on the top position in search result page but main concern is to motivate the user to download the app.

The idea of earning huge revenue from application is lucrative but it is not that easy. Once the app is designed and available on the store for download then the concern of the app optimizer is to get downloads from the users. Whether you have designed app for android users or for iOS users make sure the app is optimized for the targeted users and catches the attention of the potential users and motivate them to download. Make your app visible with our app store optimization service and get desired exposure.

At ACSIUS Technologies we have a team of developers who not just help the clients in developing multiplatform compatible applications but our marketing team ensures that the app get optimized for the popular app stores.

Get in touch with our App development and optimization team and get a well designed and well optimized app for your business/service.

How to resolve HDCP Error detected by Roku?

The Roku media player checks whether the linked TV or the audio/video devices possess content protection technology (HDCP) or not. In case, this technology is not present, then it displays an error message “HDCP Error Detected.”

Has your TV screen turned purple along with a message saying “HDCP Error Detected” & Error code 020? If yes, then it means that either the device or any of the supporting devices is not having a software technology for content protection or there is a fault in HDMI cable. So to confirm the cause of problem one should check all the other connected devices and the HDMI cable to ensure that it is not damaged or torn out from somewhere. The error can also occur if the HDMI wire is in loose connection. So while checking it should also be ensured that the wire is tightly plugged in from one end to another.

Why is HDCP required?

HDCP is standard used for providing copy content protection against the generation of all duplicate digital content and VHS tapes. HDCP is one of the advanced digital data protection method used on several HDMI based devices like Roku media streaming device, Blu-ray players and other cable boxes. In case one is viewing either 4K or 4K HDR content, then it will require a latest version of this copy protection technique i.e. one will have to use HDCP 2.2 while streaming 4K or 4K High Definition Resolution content.

Now, once the “HDCP Error Detected” message ha s been encountered one should go through the following Roku help steps to resolve it:

  • If this error is detected while streaming 4K or 4K HDR content, then one should go through the whole set up procedure of Roku for 4K. Keep on clicking on next and once the setup is complete, one should check whether the issue persists or not.
  • Unplug or detach the HDMI cable from the Roku as well as all audio/video devices linked to it.
  • Power off the TV and Roku Media player and remove the power cords connected to them.
  • Reconnect the HDMI cable back to the Roku and all the linked audio video devices. Make sure you connect the HDMI cable in a tight and secure manner.
  • Reconnect the power cord back to your TV and Roku media player.

Now try to play any of the video content and check it the error message has gone away or not. In case the error message is still there, then go through the following additional Roku Support steps:

  • Try to use another HDMI input on your Television.
  • Prefer using a short HDMI cable i.e. either less than or equal to 6 feet.
  • Do a quality check of HDMI cable before using it to make sure it is not defected and is in perfect working condition to be used.
  • Connect the Roku media player and TV directly by skipping the HDMI or Audio Video receiver switches.
  • Try to connect the Roku with another TV. If in case the issue is not encountered on another TV then it might be possible that there is a problem in the TV.
  • If you are streaming the content on computer monitor, then try replacing it with a television set.
  • Try to opt for other display options available on your Roku. You can easily find this option from “Display Type” under the “Settings” tab.

Going through all this above listed steps might resolve the “HDCP Error Detected” message. Still in case the issue persists, then it might be that your device is not capable of supporting HDCP and you will have to get in touch with its manufactures. If ever you require more help related to Roku, then visit www Roku Com Support. There you will find all advanced troubleshooting steps for issues related to Roku.

| Roku HDCP Unauthorized Content Disabled