How to Develop a Freelance Software like fiverr and Keep It Competitive

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What is Freelance software? How does it work?

Freelance Marketplace mostly used for freelancers and customers. In that websites, freelancers present their projects and invite the service providers, freelancers, to offers on their products and service requirements. With this freelancers can search great quality of work with a fixed amount, or through the hour. There are some [people like being their own boss, and some want to do work from home, some are like to work at their own place, and using freelance there is possible to work at any time and anywhere.

Fiverr clone Script Best Website clone designed by Freelance Script:

– Fiverr clone defines part-time work from home or anywhere else by letting sellers depicts numerous $5 tasks and $5 services online. There is the marketplace where buyers and sellers are meets and communicates via the internet.

fiverr clone2

-NCrypted helps to bring you clone website for this kind of micro jobs marketplace business idea to you to start up your own online marketplace where you can define all the kinds of facilities in freelance websites have. Fiverr is a freelancing website that gives you a marketplace where people are willing to sell their service at low-cost of $5 0r $10, and people who are willing to order the services. Services can length from logo designing to create web content. Fiverr is referred to as one of the upgrades and best websites for micro jobs.


– The Fiverr clone script business model from NCrypted websites provides similar functions and architecture similar to Fiverr for buying and selling jobs, services of as per the preferred. Our Fiverr clone open source can be capable to figure further customized functionality as your requirements evolve. The Fiverr clone provided by NCrypted has touched the rate as the best Fiverr PHP clone by the good number of happy and successful customers.


There are benefits of the Fiverr clone Micro Jobs Script:


  • – In this Fiverr clone script the admin panel is easy to use.
  • -The Fiverr clone script is more SEO Friendly to use this facility.
  • -The Fiverr is defined to sharing of objects on Facebook, Twitter, Email, and more.
  • – The website like Fiverr provides you to an advanced search option.
  • – Fiverr adding and editing categories, users, etc.
  • – Sellers can contact users who have posted suggestions.
  • – Highly improved security. Efficient system facility attachment of files, messages, and more orders.
  • – Buyers can give feedback as the star rating.
  • – Manage payments module easily.
  • – Report abuse/spam and flag facility.
  • – More customized features available.


Latest review posting website

Yelp is a local-search service developed by crowd-sourced review form run through developers. Yelp’s site is a crowd-sourced local business review and social networking website. The Yelp user access to submit its reviews of their products or any services using the 5-star rating system.

Yelp clone by NCrypted websites is the same as Customer review websites that permit you to design and develop your own business review submitting website like yelp is.

The different business ideas very flexible provided by NCrypted as per the requirements of a business. The ability of customers and businesses interacting with the user publicly and privately direct through the yelp clone a website like a yelp. Through the website like Yelp, the user can send their reviews, ratings, photos of others business, products and services. The users can add videos and view ads, deals, weather widgets, and hole by hole golf course review etc.

Benefits of Using Yelp Clone:

  • The ability of customers and businesses interacting with the user publicly and privately direct through the yelp clone a website like a yelp.
  • Through the website like Yelp, the user can send their reviews, ratings, photos of others business, products and services. The owner of the websites have rights to do changes of the themes of the website, control of the members, categories, posts, comments, lists, and many more with ease to using the admin panel.
  • The users can add videos and view ads, deals, weather widgets, and hole by hole golf course review etc.
  • Broad search capability of the members and the visitors of the websites.
  • Advance Application program interface consolidates business reviews into the current Google Map.
  • The website like yelp provided by NCrypted is very SEO Friendly. To the members and owner and visitors.
  • Business can post local regional advertisements and classified ads.
  • Business can enlarge its profiles with adding some videos, slideshows, photos, and sales.

Start Your Business with Ready-Made Website Clone Scripts

Tips to improve the SEO of your blog without needing to be an expert.

Website Clone Scripts are very useful for those who want to start a business on online instantly that means clone script is a script which developed by popular websites with many features and functionality.

Clone scripts are turnkey scripts of such famous businesses company created by companies, that can immediately purchase and put it to action. clone script is very useful for those who get to start their business

Clone Scripts are ready-made copy of the websites that help to build your business website idea. NCrypted provides you that facility to help for your startup business like on demand in a market with custom front-end UI, insightful analytics panels, advanced admin dashboards, etc.

Ncrypted has developed some of the most popular website clones scripts after tears of research and innovation.

Website cloning is finished with quality at NCrypted as we comprehend the significance of different enterprises and organizations. We have gone long separation to study about the market needs and requests to modify different website clone scripts of prevalent websites that as of now have made their situation in the global and national market. We have required some serious energy required to assemble these PHP scripts and items that would fulfill the client.

At NCrypted we give open source customization as well as help with the specialist which stage to use for your undertaking. Highlights like client the executives, administrator the board, content administration, menu building, classification, web search tool advanced URL, advert the board and some more. NCrypted has created website clone of the prominent brands in the market themselves saying their examples of overcoming adversity.

Benefits of Website clone scripts?


  • Lesser Cost
  • Time-saving
  • Effective for the main purpose of business
  • Uniqueness with useful features
  • Customization as per  client’s requirements
  • Larger resources  to get  better expansions
  • Competitive advantages for your startup 


Ncrypted focus is to create custom-made website clone platforms and clone scripts among various domains, industry verticals and categories such as:


  • Crowdfunding
  • Vacation rental
  • Online marketplaces (B2B, B2C)
  • Online accommodations
  • Online reservation booking
  • Hotel booking etc
  • Social network
  • Job portal
  • E-commerce


Start your Success Journey with Social Bookmarking Software

social bookmarking


Labeling data asset with the enabled catchphrases needs to change the manner in which we store data and locate the equivalent. One such example is Social bookmarking programming which gives the client the likelihood and capacity to express alongside sharing his perspectives on data and assets put away as indicated by folksonomies. A client can store bookmarks on the remote server or on social bookmarking programming by partner labels of his own decision with them. You should simply enlist yourself for bookmarking your information.  Social bookmarking software allows you to keep your bookmarks public as well as private. Basically, a social bookmarking software enables you to add, annotate, edit and share bookmarks of your web documents. It is a very popular way to build quality backlinks, which means instant higher Google page rank. Also, a lot of traffic can be generated by social bookmarking software. Some of the trending social bookmarking website clones are Digg clone, Reddit clone, and StumbleUpon clone.

Being a Reddit clone script, the working of Bookitt is just similar to that of Reddit, which would help to build a huge social network to share your views as well as increase the market value of user’s website by listing or linking. Alike subreddits in Reddit website, Bookitt also allows users to foster ideas and attention on many trending issues. Working of Bookitt is quite simple followed by few processes. Firstly the user needs to get himself registered. Only after that, he will be able to post links in form of URL or text and any of the users can like, dislike and comment upon that post. On the basis of likes and dislikes received to the post, it would be ranked and accordingly displayed on the page. Admin of Bookitt has the right to create or manage categories and subcategories whenever required. This Reddit clone script Bookitt, drives its revenue by availing premium membership to its users.

Start your own platform of social bookmarking software with the help of a Ncrypted technology .. Many clone scripts are already in the market like reddit clone, digg clone etc… Website cloning refers to copying and Something modifying an existing site according to the user requirements.also call customized clone script. A web development company, Ncrypted websites provides you with the best Reddit clone scripts available in the market. Bookitt is one such successful Reddit clone product provided by Ncrypted websites. Nowadays social bookmarking software are proving to be utmost beneficial to users to get more traffic on the sites. Therefore Reddit clones would help you and all other internet marketers to get more traffic and more visitors to your websites on regular basis.


Craigslist Clone: Boost your Business with Top Classified Platform

Do you comprehend the need of Classified Script and Craigslist Clone script? So, Here we will discuss and cover both the topics that are very important for you to start-up your business as an entrepreneur in the classified domain. First, we will discuss the classified term and the importance of it in your business.

What is Classified?

As we all read newspapers, and while reading it, we came across various information about a particular thing or any services which is either useful to any businesses and also the same information will act as garbage for another business. The classified term is basically a small advertisement placed in a newspaper and organized as per their category. All online or offline advertisements came from different sources and are grouped into various categories including for sale of goods or items, wanted various appliances, different types of services, and many more advertisements. Classified ads generally divided into two categories, individual advertising sales of their personal goods, and advertisements by local businesses. Classified ads will be very useful for some businesses to hire new employees.

You can easily make a huge amount of capital with the help of the online medium by using Classified Script. While the advertisements in a newspaper are typically short and will charge by the line or word length whereas classified advertisements published online and other periodicals can be sold or distributed free of charge. Classified ads are generally much cheaper than large display advertisements for various businesses across the globe. Classified Script will be useful for your business as classified ads are expanding its reach to the global customers by covering a large list of advertisements for buying and selling of various goods and services with other additional benefits.

If any people wanted to buy a house 30 years ago, then the most common and efficient way they do is collect the newspaper from their doorstep, browsing the classified’s section while sitting on the couch until the particular house with all their required facilities caught their eye. The next thing is that they will undergo a process involving calling multiple phone numbers and visiting various addresses of house brokers. Buying from various print classifieds was always a slow and tedious transaction, but the recent development of Classified Script like Craigslist Clone has revolutionized the traditional printed classifieds domain by creating the numerous innovative products with the help of online classifieds that will change the internet forever.

Requirements of craigslist clone:

Craigslist is one form of Classified software where it provides a platform for buying and selling of various products and services to several customers across the globe via an online medium called the internet. You can also make your own website for classified ads where several customers make a post after the free registration process and explore several classified ads in different fields including jobs, items wanted, for sale, housing, resumes, services, forum discussions, and many other contents. You can attract numerous customers by allowing them posting their products online in order to present them for the available sale with the help of Craigslist Clone. You can even make a profit by taking the fixed amount of commission from both buyers and sellers of various goods and services by using our Craigslist Clone.

Every business wants to expand their reach to their clients at the global level for their various products and services so in order to fulfil your business requirement you can use our Craigslist Clone which is a Classified Script. Ncrypted Technologies, an IT company which provides customized solutions of Craigslist Clone to you where you can customize it based on your business requirements which ultimately satisfy the major purpose of your business.


Reddit : A Beginner’s Guide. How Does Reddit make money?

If you spend a lot of time online, chances are you’ve heard of Reddit. Reddit is the fifth most popular site in the United States, according to Alexa, and the 18th worldwide. So what exactly is Reddit and Reddit clone?

Starting, Reddit looks like a message — text links, comment threads, points, karma, upvotes, downvotes. At best, posts look informationless — at worst, totally random.

The homepage of Reddit shows you various posts that are trending on the website, pulled from a variety of subreddits. You can click the sort button in the upper left to sort by posts that are “hot” (trending), new, controversial, and more.


There is a facility of search For finding subreddit or posts related to terms  A search for “bookmarking,” for example, turns up some popular posts about the Bookmarking, and relevant subreddits such as /r/Reddit, /r/digg.


You can create a subreddit, for any topic (as long as it stays within the site’s community guidelines).


Read More : How Does Reddit Work?


How does Reddit make money?



Just like most of the social networking sites, Reddit to makes money through advertisements on their website. But unlike them, Reddit have lot more sources in the revenue model of Reddit to increase their business.

Reddit has been wide-open ads platform since 2009.there are two ways to advertise. “Managed” and “Self-served’.The rate usually starts from $5 and $0.75 per thousand page-views and can go up to $20,000 based on the threshold value which is based on the number of page-views. Higher the number of page views higher the amount.The ads are clearly marked, and aside from being published on a blue background, the ads blend seamlessly into the rest of the website.


To exploit the site’s expansive audience, Reddit is hoping to fabricate its business by actively searching out promoters. The organization has demonstrated it needs to build promoting over the site, including more presentation and versatile advertisements, and also progressively significant sponsorships.


It is also make money By serving Google Adsense space on its sidebar.



Premium membership (Reddit Gold)


Gold is a membership of Reddit plan that allows users to pay for premium features. Gold Membership is for improve the user’s “Reddit experience” by providing some extra features like options to turn off ads more comments per page, saved and categorizing comments where user can save the comment he/she likes and can categorize them to their need, access of custome themes, custom avtaar creation, highlights new comments etc…! Reddit gold is $3.99 per month, $29.99 per year.Reddit gold made $961,996.98 in 2016 and it is predicted that it will make $1,038,534.15 by the end of 2017.


Reddit Products

By selling branded products Reddit can make money.

Reddit Gifts

Reddit Gifts is an online gift exchange event where complete strangers randomly matched by Reddit, with Reddit accounts as their only common factor, exchange gifts with one another on a marked day. Reddit doesn’t charge users for anything.It is completely free to register on Reddit.

How to Start a website similar to Reddit?

If you are attracted with the facts and figures of Reddit and also want to start a similar website like Reddit then Take a look at a customizable ready-to-go Reddit clone for your startup. It is good to have your personal Customized Website Clone as per your requirements and with additional features. As we all know that Social Bookmarking Sites are very useful and beneficial to get high traffic on your website, most of the Internet Marketers are using various Social Bookmarking software Clone because it is a very popular way to get regular visits on your website.

Source: Reddit for beginner

Launch your own customized Classified Script

There is such an assortment of site progression associations which offer Classified script to run a better than average Classified advancing site, yet only few of them give finish rights on the script so you can reveal any enhancements as indicated by your necessities.

Classified promotions site is high popular

You can even make a classified site like Craigslist with the guide of these php classified scripts wherein you can rundown associations, things, and whatnot on a general dimension and in this way satisfy a consistent improvement to your site on the off chance that you comprehend how to get the progress system and structures right. You can utilize an amazing classified script or other site clones like Gumtree Clone, OLX clone or craigslist clone to make a general made and changed list. The rule thing to note while utilizing a specialist reference composing PC programs is that it should deal with for all intents and purposes every single fundamental usefulness consequently directing you of the strain and anxiety of hoping to do it with no other person’s information.

NCrypted Websites is a fundamental webpage clone provider on the web which has finish plan of Classified Script, the Classified Script offered by NCrypted Websites has pretty much all the basic and convincing tricks of other predominant organized destinations.

There are other Classified site clones furthermore offered by NCrypted like Craigslist Clone, Gumtree Clone, and OLX Clone, these are totally movable site clones which can be fabricated by your essentials, while on the other hand Classified Script from NCrypted has incredibly basic tricks of an ideal Classified site. You can save your time by picking a Classified Script in light of the way that you essentially need to alter a couple of things, so you can save enhancement and sketch out time too.

Classified advertisements are essential mechanical assemblies with respect to the matter of advancing your association yet they are all around joined in increasingly eccentric publicizing fights. In any case, you should remember that they are exceedingly basic for the accomplishment of your web exhibiting fight. Post them with sureness, including information for the things or organization you’re trying to display. Allow this fabulous development of the Internet to fulfill wants its charm, pulling in potential clients and purchasers to your website.

Start your online business with powerful Search Engine Script 

Search Engine is the single most prominent wellspring of web action. The minute that visitors are searching for something on the web they go to a web list first. Except if unmistakably they know the site they have to go to and examine direct to it by basically composing their territory into the program’s area bar.


To mark your business online you require web visitors that haven’t the foggiest about your webpage yet to can discover you. In addition its through a Search Engine that they will discover you on the web. In the event that the web record don’t consider your website, or paying little respect to the likelihood that they do anyway its not generally streamlined for your essential chase terms, at that point you abandon a huge open entryway for that basic action.


Search Engine Traffic is a crucial part for your business


The Search Engine Traffic is a boss among the most basic wellspring of development on the web, if not the most gigantic. A web customer driving a chase has an explicit reason. They are chasing down something especially. If they are chasing down what you have then they are inclined to be a moved purchaser. It is imperative to have A proficient readymade Search Engine Script to start online business and it is an ideal opportunity to get most outrageous points of interest from web customers.


So getting uncommon introduction on the web search apparatuses, first page for your best watchwords is vital to enough publicizing your business on the web.


Essentialness of Search Engine Script in these days


So these are the crucial favorable circumstances of Search Engine and you can similarly dispatch your very own webpage by securing Search Engine Script from NCrypted Websites. Web search device Script by NCrypted has pretty much every one of the contrivances which are available in most surely understood web record on the web. PHP Search Engine Clone Script is a champion among the most offering site clone script in light of the way that it very well may be modified later as indicated by your necessities and with your additional quirks.


Google, a most outstanding Search Engine on the web


Google is the most outstanding Search Engine on the web, we as a whole understand that every single web customer is using web list so if you are hoping to make a Google Clone then NCrypted Websites has the perfect response for you. It has adequate staff to make a wonderful Google Clone and help you to make an engaging site plan so you can get more visitors to your site.


NCrypted Websites is one of the primary webpage enhancement association which offers number of custom webpage clones and readymade website clone scripts. It has incomprehensible experienced site engineers and uncommonly inventive originators who will assist you with making an eye irresistible site diagram which attracts visitors when they visit your site.


Latest Features you Need to Know about WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a free and cross-platform messaging app and Voice over IP (VoIP) service owned by Facebook. WhatsApp is a standout amongst the most notable stories ever of the web. Originators Brian Acton and Jan Koum worked at Yahoo quite a long time ago. We all are familiar with this application and have found it very useful in our day to day lives. The application allows the sending of text messages and voice calls, as well as video calls, images, and other media, documents, and user location. The application runs on both a mobile device and also accessible from desktop computers; the service requires. users to provide a standard mobile number. mainly, users could only communicate with each other personally or in groups of particular users, but in Sept 2017, WhatsApp announced a prospective business stage that will empower organizations to give client services to clients at scale. WhatsApp totally changed the concept of communication as we made a shift from regular text messages to this WhatsApp app.


It started with a text messaging service. Totally free service to send unlimited texts. Just needed was an active internet & this app. WhatsApp would create a profile based on your phone number & would enable you to send texts for free via the internet. Before WhatsApp, there are some Chatting platforms like yahoo messenger & other messengers were on computers only & BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) was limited to BlackBerry phone users only. This benefits gave WhatsApp a large market to play on. It won’t be a misrepresentation if we say that WhatsApp application has fully changed the way people communicate.


The Best New WhatsApp Features

Facebook & WhatsApp has banned in China and Iran for security reasons and personal issue. WeChat is massive in China, Japan & Korea. These are large markets that WhatsApp is currently missing on, especially China. The obtaining may not be the arrangement here as the issues are with the belief systems. In any case, the absence of hold in these nations is essentially counteracted by the huge use in enormous nations like India.WhatsApp has changed the manner in which individuals impart. Plenty of organizations rely upon WhatsApp today.


Group Video and Voice Calls:

A Recent Trending Feature of Whatsapp is Group video Calls are completely free. You can talk with up to three other people at a time in video or voice call. It is very easy to add another people into your video call.


“Catch Up” on Group Chats (And More):

WhatsApp user knows that its groups could do with a few latest features,


Catch-up:  It’s easier to catch up on something you might have missed.

Protection From Re-Adding: WhatsApp groups don’t need your consent to add you to a group.

Description:  A quick description field where administrators can set basic rules.


Check Which Chats Are Using Up Storage Space:

Path: Go to Menu on WhatsApp > Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage. You’ll see full list of your chats which sorted by most storage space.

To free up space, it has the option to see which chats are taking up the most amount of space. you’ll need to delete some stuff.


Change Numbers and Keep Your WhatsApp Data:

You can still continue to use the same WhatsApp account with all its data when chenging the number. Go to Settings on WhatsApp > Account > Change number, and follow the instructions.


Backup is the best way before you start this. To do that, go to Settings on whatsapp> Chats > Chat Backup.

Send Offline Messages on iPhone:

offline messaging: For a long time, Android users enjoyed one feature iPhone users didn’t.In the event that an Android client didn’t have a functioning web association, they could at present answer to messages, which would be sent at whatever point they reconnected. However, not on the iPhone, as of not long ago.

Tag Individuals in Group Chats With @ Mentions:

Just type @ in a group chat, a menu will pop up and you can Select the person that you want to specifically ask something.


New Ways to Shoot Photos and Videos:

three new ways to simplify taking photo and videos in WhatsApp.

  • When you take a selfie form from a cam, you can now switch on “Flash”. This feature brightens your screen, casting more light on your face.
  • Double-tap the screen to switch between front and rear cameras in camera mode.
  • For zoom in and out jus, you have to slide two fingers up to down when you shooting videos.


Zoom, Pop Out, and Edit Videos:

Recent Update: what you can do with a video shared in WhatsApp. WhatsApp also has simple video editing features, including cropping or trimming the video to reduce its size.

Mark Chats as Read or Unread:

For your own personal usage, sometimes, you might want to mark a message as unread.


How to Start a Website Similar to WhatsApp?

If you are attracted to the facts and figures of WhatsApp and also want to start a similar Website like WhatsApp then take a look at a customizable ready-to-go WhatsApp clone script for your start-up.

Here are some imperative parts of Reddit Clone

reddit clone


On the off chance that you are associated with Reddit Clone on the web, you will approach the first page, which will uncover to you the best post for that specific day. That will end up being to a great degree profitable. Notwithstanding every day “best of”s, Reddit collects the best articles from its staff individuals and this will enable you to get the best articles from the entire year in one place. A portion of the articles that might be incorporated into that rundown are developments, records of oddities, social networks, examples of overcoming adversity and comical articles. This is a noteworthy element since chances are fantastic that you may have missed on any occasion a couple all around the year some point.


As was said above, Reddit Clone Script has fragments of sub-networks, which support different kinds of substance on an assortment of focuses. There is a rundown of 800 Subreddits accessible on the web on the off chance that you would incline toward not to squander a ton of time penetrating down until the point that you find what you are scanning for. The rundown will empower you to discover precisely what you are scanning for in an amazingly short measure of time. This is unquestionably an element that merits investigating unequivocally.

Reddit images

An image is characterized as a thought, style or conduct that is transmitted from individual to individual in a given culture. Image gain fame similarly to how a video becomes famous online. One man imparts it to a substitute and one more and again, and so on. What was at first bestowed may have next to no similarity to the final product.


Reddit Clone Script is an incredibly significant internet-based life apparatus, which you should abuse for your business on the off chance that it fits into your system. You are allowed the chance to submit remarkable substance and get cast a ballot from different individuals from the Reddit people group. You need to take a gander at it and become acquainted with all that it brings to the table so you can profit by it and turn into a significantly more prominent achievement as a result of it.


NCrypted Website is a standout amongst the most prevalent and driving site Development Company which offers different readymade site clone scripts like Bookmark Script, Classified Script, Web Portal Script and some more. Bookitt is a readymade Reddit Clone Script which has almost every one of the highlights of Reddit Website. It likewise offers custom site clones like Reddit Clone, Digg Clone, Delicious Clone, Craigslist Clone and some more.