Using 8 simple step you can increase website traffic in few days to website or blog

Increasing the traffic to website is simple if you are using some simple techniques. First of all, remember that website traffic will increase if your content is valuable for target audience.

Your website’s traffic has more chance to increase, if user returns to your website after visiting the your website.

Tool: website traffic checker

There is simple step, which you can used to increase the website’s traffic. read these simple step-

  1. SEO: First of all, you need to do SEO of your website. If your website has good SEO, then your website will be shown on top in the search engine.
  2. Social Media: Promote your website on social media like Quora, faceook, twitter, linkedin. Quora is the best option because here you will find target audience by answering to question, which is related your website.
  3. Blog: Make a blog in your website. Write a blog related to your website. Blog is play vital role to attract the audience into your website.
  4. Online marketing: you can advertise your website via google adwords, this is the best option. You can drive traffic to your website using pay per click advertising.
  5. Event: Held an event to your website, this is can be eye of the visitor. If your event is good then you will notice that your website traffic increases by direct traffic.
  6. Referral marketing: You can promote your website by referral marketing, In referral marketing you will pay to other website’s owner if any user purchase the product from your website.
  7. Backlinks: This is the main key to increase the traffic to your website. Focus to increase your website backlinks, If your website has quality backlinks then search engines improves your website ranking in the search result page.
  8. Forum: Join the forum, which is related to your website content. there you can answer to the user and tell user, if they want to know more information then he needs to visit your website.

You can use these simple techniques to increase traffic to your website.

Note: if you want to check that how many visitors to any website, then you can check by clicking on given below link.

How to check website’s traffic .

What is the website backlinks?

What is SEO?

How to increase website’s traffic using social media?

What is pay per click marketing?

What is keyword frequency in seo term?

Keyword frequency is that how many times same keyword appears on a web page.

Overloading your text with keywords can look spammy, so insert keywords only where appropriate. Otherwise search engines can down website’s ranking as penalty.

Be careful that do not abuse the system by repeating the same keyword or keyword phrases over and over again.

In starting, you need to focus on those keyword which can drive quality traffic to your website. Also take care that which keyword is most valuable for your business. Then you can set the appropriate keyword frequency for this keyword.

While keyword frequency is vital but you need to avoid over-stuffing your content from full of nonsensical keywords. While you insert your keywords into your meta descriptions, headings, image names,  alt tags, content and over-saturating your text with keywords can irritate and drive away website users.

The concept changed into that there has been a few ideal keyword density of any page, and that after a particular page reached this variety, it would have a better chance of ranking for that unique keyword.

In fact, pages that held the No. 1 position in the search engine result page used their keyword an average of only 7 times.

Placement of keywords is more important than frequency: we recommend using your primary keywords in your header tags (particularly H1 and H2 tags), title tag, h1 tag, URL, and at least once within the body of the text content.

Focusing on creating longer, more valuable content will naturally lead to higher rankings: alternatively of getting hung up on how normally you’re the use of your keywords, purpose to cover every perspective of your subject matter. With the vast majority of on-line content getting little to no traction, writing lengthy-shape, exceedingly-certain, treasured content will come up with the exceptional hazard of gaining inbound links, social media stocks and extended search scores

What is keyword density in seo term?

Keyword density is equal to the percentage of keyword appearing on the web page compared to the total number of words available on the web page. Keyword density is used to determine, that the content of a web page is relevant to specified keyword available on the web page.

Keyword Density= (Total no. of words/keyword)*100

How does keyword density affect search rankings?

The lower keyword density, the less search engines will feel you adequately address the desired topic and search terms. The higher keyword density, and you could be down-graded or penalize for what is called “keyword stuffing.”

Some expert says that keyword density will be 1-3% and some expert says that keyword density is going as high 8%. This is arguable, so we suggest that take a middle road. So we recommend 3-5% keyword density.

What is keyword stuffing?

keyword stuffing”  is the overuse of a keyword in a web page which shows that keyword density has more than 5% for this keyword. “Keyword Stuffing” is the harmful, because the search engines will know that you are trying to fool them. It is basically search engine spam. Search engines can down website’s ranking as penalty.

Cost per view advertising in google adwords?

Cost per view(CPV) advertising is used for video advertising via Google Adwords on other website on google network. For cost per view advertising, you will bid on Google Adwords that how much amount will you pay for view video ads. A view is counted when someone watches 30 second video of your video ads or interact with your ad, which comes first.

How to bids on cost per view advertising on google adwords?

In cost per view adverting, choose your certain keyword, then bid on that keyword that how much amount will you pay, when your video ads appear on google search or other website of google network, when searched this keyword. this bid same as PPC advertising on Adwords. If certain keyword is mostly used by other advertisers, then make your bid high on this keyword to get maximum view on your video ads.

Type of Cost per view advertising?

There are two type of advertising is available for cost per view advertising.

  1. In Stream video advertisement, your video will appear before or after other videos of youtube. In this advertising, someone is forced to view 5 seconds of video. after viewing video 5 seconds he can skip this video ads if he wants.
  2. In Display video advertising, video directly appear on youtube and video ads will display when someone clicks on video ads.

What is conversion advertising in Google Adwords?

Conversion advertising is an advanced adverting in Google Adwords. In Conversion advertising we focus after click on ads and we track that user who comes on site after click on ads, that  he purchases any product or he signup to newsletter, and track other activities of users.

Conversion advertising mostly used by large company because those companies focus on every activity of users, After tracking every activity of user he makes an data and analyze that what users think about  product or service or business.

Sometimes conversion called an acquisition, conversion is type of particular action, which you want to perform on your website. You pay for each click, but AdWords will automatically set your bids for you to try to get you as many conversions as possible at the cost-per-acquisition you specified.

In conversion advertising, You tell Adwords that how much amount, you are willing to pay for conversion or cost-per-acquisition(CPA).

What is an impression in Google Adwords?

When your ads appear on Google search or other website on the Google Network,  these appearing of ads called as Impression, if your ads will appear one time then your impression will be one. If your ads appear two times, then impression will be two.

In short,  we can say that Impression equals to an appearing of ads in google search or other website of google network.

When will we focus on Impression during online marketing via Google Adwords?

If you want to show your business or website or logo in front of lots of people to google search or other website on google network. Then you can focus on Impression of your ads on Google Adwords. Set your bid that how much will you pay after 1000 Impressions completed, you will pay after 1000 Impressions of your ads.

If you want to build your business brand, then this is a smart way to advertising on Google Adwords. In this type of advertising, lots of people see the same ads again and again and they don’t click again and again on same ads and those people get an impression about your business name and those people remember your business name for a long time.

How to bids on PPC marketing in google adwords?

Google Adwords gives you several ways to marketing your ads, PPC advertising is one of them.

In PPC advertising, you bid on ads in auction that how much will you pay when someone click on your ads.

If your main goal to get traffic to your website then you should focus on ad clicks.

Note: If you are getting traffic to a website using PPC advertising then focus only target audience otherwise you will not get expected result which you want.

To get clicks on your ads, you can bids two types on Google Adwords:

  1. Automatic bidding: This is a simple way to bid on ads. In this type of bidding, first of all choose your certain keywords, then set your daily budget and Google Adwords automatically sets PPC to get maximum clicks on ads.
  2. Manual bidding: In manually bidding, you can take full control of PPC. In this type of bidding, you will set cost to pay on per click for ads In this type of bidding, first of all choose a certain keyword then bids on this certain keywords. when someone searches this keyword on google search engines, You will get maximum click on your ads if your bidding will be high on these keywords. So set your postion on top on bidding.

What is PPC advertising in google adwords?

PPC means Pay Per Click, this is widely used on online marketing.

Google AdWords is an online advertising service. Google AdWords offers PPC advertising service, In PPC adverting, user pay on his ads when someone clicks on the ads.

Pay per click advertising in online marketing is a great way to get visitors when you need traffic on website.

So PPC advertising is fast: With some systems, such as Google AdWords, you can generate targeted traffic within a few minutes of opening an account.

How Pay Per Click (PPC) Works?

With pay per click advertising you purchase search engine traffic based on relevant keywords bought in an auction model. (Some smaller pay per click engines charge by category.) You pay for every click so targeting is important. You can view Overture click costs for your primary keyword phrases using the Overture view bid tool. Google hides bid prices and factors ad click through rate into click cost.

Increase website traffic using social media

In this post you will learn how to increase website traffic using social media. But before this we should know about social media.

What is social media?

Social media is platform, here user shares his idea, information, photos, videos and much more in virtual communities and networks.

Example: Facebook, twitter, linkedin, tumblr, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, reddit etc.

Follow these steps to increase website traffic:

STEP 1: Facebook

Facebook is largest social media platform in the world. First of all create your business page on Facebook. After creating pages on Facebook post your content on page in regular basis. Increase interest to user to read your post, remember that content will be interesting which you have posted on Facebook page.

After this join groups on Facebook, remember that group will be related to your business or website content. After joining group share your content in these groups on a daily basis. You can also post your website link to these groups. After doing this activity you can increase traffic to your website.

STEP 2: Twitter

Twitter is second largest social media in the world. First of all create your account website or business account in twitter, remember that account name will be your website or business name. After creating an account on twitter, post your content on this account and you can also share your website link. Follow other’s account which is related to your website content or business nature. Do these activities on a daily basis and you will see after some time traffic comes to your website from twitter and website traffic increases. After doing this activity you can increase traffic to your website.

STEP 3: Tumblr

The Tumblr is another social media, From Tumblr, you can increase traffic to your website. Create your account to the tomb and make your blog on Tumblr and share your website content or link on your Tumblr blog. And follow other’s Tumblr blog and comment on his post related to your website content or link, remember before the comment that his post will be related to your website content. After doing this activity you can increase traffic to your website.

STEP 4: reddit

Reddit is third largest social media platform, you can create your account to edit and share your website content with the website link. Remember that share only valuable content on reddit, don’t share non-valuable content. After doing this activity you can increase traffic to your website.

STEP  5: StumbleUpon

Create an account in Stumbleupon, after creating an account in StumbleUpon add a page of your website and add interest to this website and save this page. After doing this activity your website will be stumble.

STEP 6: Pinterest

Create an account to pinterest and upload your content on pinterest.

Note: Remember that post your content on social media in daily basis and increase user interest to content, then you can get traffic to your website.

What is crawling in seo(Search Engine Optimization)

Crawling is the process by which search engines (Google, yahoo, Bing) finding an information on websites relevant to a certain keyword.

After crawling process, search engines store this information in a database by indexing process.

For crawling process search engines use an algorithm which is known as ‘Crawler’, ‘Bot’, ‘Spider’.  search engine crawlers move through your website to discover information relevant to a certain keyword.

What is the difference between crawling and indexing?

Crawling is the process by which search engines move through your website and finding information relevant to a certain keyword. Indexing is the process by which search engine saves crawled information to the database and shows saved information on search result page when certain keyword search on search engines.